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FANG’s $60-billion wipeout is in 1 day since Facebook IPO

Attempting to describe the Nasdaq 100’s Wednesday morning face-plant? Check out the a variety of tax rates American businesses actually wind up paying the national government.

While not normally a liability, 1 problem for tech stocks right now is they don’t cover that much. One of industries, the 18.5-per-cent effective tax rate appreciated by technology stocks is the third-lowest one of U.S. large caps, based on Samp;P Global data. That means less potential bounty should Republican legislation moves through Congress. read more

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These diminutive dividend stocks have Generated dynamite results

And now for something completely different, dividend-wise.

As pleased as I am with the returns of the stocks I typically feature in Yield Hog – utilities, pipelines, banks and other companies with relatively high and growing dividends – there is another subset of dividend payers that have done even better.

Let’s call them the diminutive dividend darlings.

These companies have yields that many investors would consider laughably small. Yet, their share prices (and, to a lesser extent, their dividends) have been climbing at a rapid pace, producing total returns that have crushed traditional dividend stocks. read more

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Hedge funds double down on U.S. curve flattening, bearish greenback Stakes

Hedge funds have found it tough to make money this year trading bonds and currencies, but as 2017 brings to a close they seem to be relying upon a twin approach to put a shine on the amounts: U.S. yield curve flattening and dollar weakness.

If recent moves in Treasuries and the dollar are any guide, it is a winner. The U.S. yield curve is the flattest in more than a decade and the speed of flattening recently has been striking, while the dollar has dropped three consecutive weeks, its longest losing streak since July. read more

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U.S. tax reform could have repercussions for business owners in Canada

The proposed overhaul of the U.S. tax system is expected to benefit Canadian companies doing business south of the border. The U.S. Senate is set to begin its consideration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act this week, after House Republicans passed it earlier this month. However, the legislation could also bring bad news for some business owners — Americans residing in Canada who have Canadian corporations are concerned they might be subject to enormous tax bills.

“Things will get simpler and more appealing for Canadian companies doing business in the U.S. and more complex and costly for U.S. citizens who have Canadian companies,” if the law passes, says Max Reed, a cross-border tax attorney with SKL Tax. read more

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U.S. microcap stocks surge on cryptocurrency Guarantees

Three of the top four most actively traded U.S. stocks on Monday were either riding a cryptocurrency-fuelled surge, or pulling back from one.

Shares of Digital Power Corp, which on Monday promised a progress report on the cryptocurrency initiative of its Coolisys Technologies unit next week, had a market value of only $12.8 million on Friday.

That had more than tripled to just north of $40-million by early afternoon in New York.

Coolisys, which aims “specialized services and products not likely to be commoditized,” in August partnered with PoW Digital Mining to create a technician and services portfolio for electronic mining and cryptocurrency. read more

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Report on Small Business newsletter: Ontario passes $15 minimum wage

Ontario passes $15 minimum wage

Ontario will move ahead with implementing $15 minimum wage by 2019, and enact other new worker-focused rules even sooner, as lawmakers passed a series of revised employment laws at Queen’s Park Wednesday after years of research and debate.

The labour reforms include requirements that employers pay part-time, casual and temporary employees the same rate as full-time employees for the same job; that employers must pay workers three hours’ wages for shifts cancelled with less than 48 hours notice; and extending personal emergency leave, including two paid days, to all workers. Minimum wage will reach $14 next Jan. 1 before hitting $15 a year later. read more

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Xtreme Drilling Corp. — a Profound value stock with Strong momentum

Robert Tattersall, CFA, is co-founder of the Saxon family of mutual funds and the retired chief investment officer of Mackenzie Investments.

Last June, since the company decided to return surplus cash to its shareholders through an unusual procedure called a Dutch auction. Shareholders who tendered to the auction obtained $2.40 a share in cash and the company reduced the share count from 85 million to 75 million.

I decided not to tender my shares to the auction because the book value per share was close to $4 and the quarterly earnings trend suggested that the business principles were gradually improving. As I said at the moment, I am a patient investor and Xtreme Drilling seems to be a survivor. read more

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Peter Thiel sells most of Staying Facebook stake

Facebook Inc’s first key investor Peter Thiel has sold three-quarters of the remaining stake in the social network as part of a previously recognized trading program, a regulatory filing showed.

Mr. Thiel, who’s a part of Facebook’s board had already sold more than $1-billion value of its stock before the filing made on Tuesday.

He said he had sold another 160,805 stocks for approximately $29-million, leaving his holdings at 59,913 Class A shares in the firm.

The only key title in Silicon Valley to back President Donald Trump, some have called for Mr. Thiel’s elimination from Facebook’s board. Chief Executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he must stay, citing the importance of diversity of opinion in the organization. read more

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Buying online advertisements to boost Christmas sales? It’ll cost you

As your company’s marketing plans start to revolve around the holidays, you might want to add social and digital media to the mix. Surely, the audience is not there. But so, regrettably, are increased costs.

Just about all social media advertising, like Facebook ads or Google ads, operate within an auction system. The more other brands jump in with their own advertisements (since they do during the holidays), the greater everyone’s costs will be. The exact ads you’re getting in the summer for $1 a click may cost you $4 or $5. Or more. read more

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Look out for Graph Offenses, what to do with your Enbridge Stocks, as Well as the Bud Stock Finance dilemma

Michael ‘Irrelevant Investor’ Batnick from Ritholtz Wealth Management supplied nbsp; — investment information presented in ways that fool investors. There are 10 cases of graphics-related malfeasance recorded, which range from unfair options for beginning dates, comparing actual and nominal assets on the exact same graph, using percentages for changes in bond yields and using technical analysis on economic information.

There are charts on each non-newsletter piece I write so that the topic is, for me, a significant one. I don’t have any ambition to deceive anyone, and usually I will post graphs to social media before they are published in the event the profession portfolio managers that follow me have issues with the way the information is presented. read more

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