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Gardeners are busy planting seeds in the hopes that, with a little luck and more than a little effort, they’ll enjoy a bountiful harvest this fall.

But, when it comes to the markets, value stocks are still locked in the deep freeze. The chill can be seen in the recent record of two exchange traded funds.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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Insiders buy as Premium Brands retreats from all-time high

Today we revisit Premium Brands Holdings Corp. up more than 60 per cent since we wrote about it last year on August 15. The stock hit an all-time high of $59.81 on May 11. The next day, the company reported quarterly EPS of $0.34 versus $0.15 year ago. However, investors sold on the news and the stock dropped 8 per cent on the day. Two insiders have subsequently bought a total of 3,500 shares at $55.00. The company remains in the INK Canadian Insider Index, which had its semi-annual rebalancing on Friday. read more

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Bullish on Newmont Mining, after a correction

Newmont Mining Corp. declined from $72.42 (U.S.) to $20.78 (A-B), and then settled in a trading range between $18.00 and $27.50 and then a slightly lower range between $15.50 and $20.50 (dashed lines). This price action produced a bullish technical pattern called a Delayed Ending. The move above the top of the second range (C), followed by the rise above the top of the first range (D) signalled a major breakout and the start of a new up-trend (solid line). At the same time, Newmont is extremely overbought and could have a correction toward $28 to $29 for a better entry level, but only a decline below $25 to $26 would be negative. read more

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A tax-efficient alternative to corporate class funds

The countdown to Oct. 1 is on for Canadian investors that are currently holding corporate class mutual funds in non-registered accounts, who may be under pressure to find new ways to tax-efficiently rebalance their portfolios.

In March, the when it announced that Canadian investors would no longer be able to “fund switch” within some corporate class mutual funds without incurring a taxable gain. This change takes effect on Oct. 1, which means investors have until then to make any final fund switches within corporate class portfolios tax-free. read more

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Three North American stocks that meet my multiple-strategy approach

John Reese is CEO of and Validea Capital, and portfolio manager for the National Bank Consensus funds. Globe Investor has a distribution agreement with, a premium Canadian stock screen service. .

The recent rise of “smart beta” and “factor investing” strategies – both of which involve investing in companies that meet specific balance sheet, profitability, valuation or fundamental criteria – has opened up a world of possibilities for investors. read more

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Canadian bonds hit as investors move into riskier assets

Canadian government bonds ended their worst month in a year as investors switched bets to central bank interest-rate increases from cuts on signs of economic strength and a crude-oil rally.

The country’s sovereign debt lost 0.8 per cent in April as the yield on its 10-year note surged 29 basis points, or 0.29 of a percentage point, the steepest monthly increase since June, 2013, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The benchmark S&P/TSX composite index rose 3.4 per cent in April, while crude oil gained almost 20 per cent. read more

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Autonomous cars: The self-driving road to lower returns

The development of self-driving cars is a good example of how, and why, the future may be a less profitable place for investors.

Volvo Cars, one of scads of technology and automotive firms working along the same lines, last week announced plans to test autonomous cars in London in 2017, touting how driverless technology will be a huge advance in safety. read more

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Chile lets investors tap into Brazil’s stock rally – without all the risk

Anyone who’s ventured into Latin American equity markets in the past year knows that doing so during times of political turmoil requires a healthy appetite for risk. Stock indexes in Peru and Brazil are posting the world’s biggest gains this year, but they’re also among the most volatile.

There’s another way to ride the rally, minus the whiplash: Go to Chile. read more

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