Detailed mutual fund data for March 31 now available to Globe Unlimited subscribers

Globe Unlimited users now have access to quarterly mutual fund performance tables as part of their monthly subscription. These tables cover various asset classes for Canadian funds, and include detailed breakdowns on returns, costs, distributions, assets, net asset value, Globe 5-Star Ratings, and other information.

Subscribers can to view the tables by category.

Excel spreadsheets are , for a fee.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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5 Replies to “Detailed mutual fund data for March 31 now available to Globe Unlimited subscribers”

  1. Human behaviour is that people buy after markets have risen, and they sell when markets fall. That is why a mutual fund is an inherently loosing proposition regardless of the brilliant choice of investments. The fund administrators are forced to buy high and sell low by the behaviour of their unruly mob of clients. The fact that the industry sell these things are charge fat fees for it is a questionable practice. Markets are a playground designed specifically to fleece the gullible. Investing is a small fraction of what it is about, just as the great bulk of transactions are speculative, with the stock exchanges and investment firms front running all the trades. And we worship “the market”?

  2. Mutual funds only benefit the fund managers and the financial institutions that peddle these ridiculous offerings

  3. Interesting tool, however if you could add the fund codes such as CIG686 for CI signature high income front end load. It would make it easier to locate.

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